A contracting company operating in the oil and gas sector is looking for (Payroll Supervisor ) -job for saudi only

+ حجم الخط -


A Payroll Supervisor is required for a contracting company working in the oil and gas field in the Eastern Province

Job Description

    • People Management
    • Supervise the activities and work of the team members to ensure that targets and objectives are achieved and the business plan is delivered in line with the required policies, processes, procedures and systems.
    • Remuneration Strategy
    • Assist in development of compensation and benefits strategies in line with market, to ensure that the compensation system meets the needs of the organisation and is capable to attract and retain the required talent.
    • Salary Administration
    • Oversee all data entry activities to ensure all documents related to overtime, bonuses, and other payments are correctly entered and processed on the payroll system.
    • Lead the preparation of monthly salary settlements, in order to ensure the provision of correct, timely, and accurate amounts to all employees as per their employment contracts.
    • Execute and process year-end compensation increment for all NOMAC employees and adjust it for annual inflation and experience gained by NOMAC employees, in order to ensure it promotes a ‘pay for performance’ culture in the organisation.
    • Coordinate with the concerned departments to manage the preparation of the final settlements for terminated personnel, to ensure that final payment is made in accordance with company policy and procedures
    • Benefits Management
    • Lead the preparation and administration of all types of employee benefits, leaves and allowances, to ensure proper alignment to their entitlement.
    • Tax Administration
    • Lead proper and accurate administration of taxes on all employees’ salaries, in order to ensure adherence to as the relevant governmental laws and regulations.
    • Employee Support
    • Provide assistance to NOMAC employees on any clarifications on payroll matters and compensation and policy matters, in order to ensure transparency and employee satisfaction across the organization.
    • Records Filing & Management
    • Develop and implement effective personnel filing and record keeping systems, in order to ensure easy retrieval and accessibility to required payroll data.
    • Ensure that all personnel files are maintained up-to-date and ensure non-disclosure of their information to unauthorized employees, in order to provide full confidentiality and accuracy of the data.
    • Policies, Processes, Systems & Procedures
    • Adhere to all relevant organisational and departmental policies, processes, standard operating procedures and instructions so that work is carried out to the required standard and in a consistent manner.
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Contribute in the identification and implementation of change initiatives, programmes and projects in line with the organisation’s standards.
    • Health, Safety, Security & Environment
    • Adhere to all relevant health, safety, security and environmental procedures, instructions and controls so that the safety of employees and environmental compliance can be guaranteed.
    • Related Assignments
    • Perform any other duties which the line manager may require to be carried out.            
    • Internal:
    • Needs to work closely with the HR & Administration Manager, Direct Reports, Finance Department, Employees across the region, Recruitment Team and any other relevant departments.
    • External:
    • Needs to build a rapport with Consultants & Advisors, Banks, Regulatory and Governmental Bodies and External Auditors.

    • Skills:
    • Knowledge of payroll and benefits processing, policies and general market trends
    • Working knowledge of MS Office – Word and Excel.
    • Good understanding of the organisation and the region
    • Knowledge of local laws and regulations
    • Knowledge of contracts and agreements
    • Good command of English and Arabic
    To apply, write the job in the title