Oil and gas field in Eastern Region & Riyadh looking for Project Controller #وظائف #وظائف_الشرقية #وظائف_السعودية

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We are looking for Saudis 🇸🇦employees to work on Oil and gas field in Eastern Region  & Riyadh 

Project Controller

Job Description

Project Controllers, sometimes referred to as Project Control Analysts, are responsible for working within all stages of project management. Their primary role is to work closely with project managers to ensure that all budgeting, scheduling and coordination processes run smoothly. They monitor the progress of a project to ensure that it is working within the confines of set deadlines and budget limitations and generate progress reports to managers. Project Controllers also make suggestions for improvements to project operations as needed. All industries employ Project Controllers.

Project Controllers report to project managers, operations managers and other upper-management personnel involved in particular projects. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the expected job growth rate for Project Controllers and all management analysts is 14 percent through 2024. The continued need for companies to control costs and maintain efficient operations are the main reasons for this projected growth.

Project Controller Duties and Responsibilities

To fulfill their responsibilities relating to the timely and cost-efficient completion of various corporate projects, Project Controllers must complete a variety of tasks. We have analyzed several job listings for this occupation and found that the following are among those most often discussed for Project Controllers.

Monitor Project Activities

Project Controllers continually monitor and evaluate each step of a project to ensure that it is meeting budgetary and deadline goals. They report to project managers to discuss the progress of each project and talk about staffing needs, schedule changes, project scope adjustments and more.

Oversee Project Budgeting and Scheduling

Two main areas that Project Controllers focus on is budgeting and scheduling. It is up to Project Controllers to assist in setting a project budget and to be involved in assembling a project’s team and setting task schedules.

Generate Project Reports

From budget to personnel training reports, Project Controllers are responsible for creating and maintaining reports addressing all aspects of project development and completion. They often present the details of these reports during group or one-on-one meetings with senior managers.

Suggest and Manage Changes in Project Processes

Project Controllers need to have the ability to recognize which areas of project development need to be re-addressed in order to maintain efficiency and cost control. They present their ideas to project managers and assume the responsibility of implementing and managing these changes in the project management cycle.

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